EOR, CSS, CCUS Opportunities in Central Alberta

Alberta has enormous opportunity to generate value and contribute to Canada’s climate change goals through Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)  and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) with enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Enhance Energy’s CCUS operations in Central Alberta are providing job creation opportunities in the low carbon economy in rural municipalities.  

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Enhance Energy is a privately-owned Alberta-based carbon management company with extensive experience in the planning and implementation of large-scale carbon capture and utilization projects that permanently sequester CO2 emissions.  Founder of the Alberta Carbon Trunk Line Project, Enhance has sequestered over 1.5  million tonnes of CO2 emissions to date in Central Alberta.

To learn more about CCUS in central Alberta, register here for CAEP’s January 19 2022 zoom meeting with Enhance Energy

2022-01-19 Enhance Energy Info Sheet and Bios