Request for Proposal Tourism Assessment

Proposals for a Regional Tourism Asset Assessment and Recommendations for Diversification,
Collaboration, and Expansion shall be submitted by 4:00 pm MT January 20 2022 to [email protected] Proponents must download the complete Request for Proposal

The aim is to provide an assessment of tourism inventory and readiness for the CAEPR for the purpose
of facilitating tourism investment in the region. It is not intended to provide detailed feasibility or
business plans for all or some tourism operators in the region. The end goal is to attract tourism
investment to the region.

a. Identification of tourism inventory in the CAEPR by basic variables; and
b. Identification of market readiness for products to expand, diversify and collaborate together
across the region.
c. Recommendations on products and services that could create packages, compliment each other,
and those products that would benefit from diversification and/or expansion.
Deliverables will be addressed in three stages that include a desk inventory of tourism operators in the
region, telephone interview of each member and a site review of a select group of 15 to 20 operators.

Proposals must be received by end of day Thursday January 20, 2022.

Questions from the perspective consultants regarding the RFP will be responded to Wednesday January 12th and Thursday January 13th, 2022 via email. There may be a round of follow up questions to the shortlisted proponents.


It is expected that the successful proponent will be notified no later than January 25-30, 2022. 

Project Completion

Work should begin immediately and be completed with preliminary findings no later than March 2022 to take advantage of grant
cycles, budget discussions and board approvals. Final copy will be expected in April 2022.